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Have you ever thought about offering solar to your real estate and mortgage clients? Chances are, your clients are asking YOU about solar. That’s because the solar industry is heating up (see what we did there?) with an install happening every minute or less.

Your clients are likely going solar with or without you. And it’s easier than you may think to add solar to your total offering and position yourself as the complete home expert.

We’d like to introduce you to the world of Powur – the fastest-growing solar company in America for a reason.

Thousands of real estate and mortgage professionals are quickly and easily adding solar to their offerings and earning more in the process. With little to no disruption to their core business. Can you imagine selling a home and also selling a lifetime investment in clean energy?

Do you want to…

Offer additional value to your clients?

Stand out from the competition?

Earn more on every deal?

NOW…what if you could do this without disrupting your current business while EARNING MORE?

The interest in solar is on the rise with many going solar with or without you! This is your best opportunity to expand your services and help your clients while earning more. Boost your competitive advantage without disrupting your schedule and time.

The National Association of Realtors 2021 Realtors & Sustainability Report showed that 65% of respondents said promoting energy efficiency in listings was valuable and more than 35% of Powur sellers have real estate experience.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table and Add Solar to Your Real Estate & Mortgage Practice!

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Earn More

Your clients are already going solar, and when you help them, you’ll earn more!


We’ll provide you with the best training, tools, and innovative platform.

Customer Value

Offer your clients a diverse range of choices, along with the best warranty and best value.

Beat the Competition

Boost your credibility and position yourself as the whole home expert!

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